accountability sessions.

Everybody needs some Accountability! Whether it’s to help you build your Action Plan or simply as an encouragement for you to move through the next steps you need to take. Book a set of Accountability Sessions with me, Carol O’Kelly, and let’s work together to you get actively achieving and moving towards your goals!


Identify blockages

Do you find you have the same items on your “To Do” list for weeks on end?  Discover why you’re not delivering!


60 minutes

A set of four x 60 minute zoom sessions to hold you accountable on what you need to deliver for yourself this week/month.


Action Plan

We begin by working on an Action Plan that will help you to deliver. Then work through the plan piece by piece.


These 60 minute sessions will keep you fully focused on what you want to achieve and will stop you getting side tracked and distracted. Are you seeing the same items on your list every week? What’s stopping you from moving forward? We will work closely to create an Action Plan of the strongest next steps for you to take and together we’ll plan how you are going to achieve each step. I use recognised Executive Coaching Methodologies to prepare you for each step in your plan and hold you accountable for delivering on each item.

These sessions can be held as often as you need to give you the motivation, encouragement and drive to keep you delivering and moving forward with your Action Plan between sessions. You’ll be amazed at the difference in what you can achieve working with me. These sessions are booked in blocks of four to ensure full impact in your working life.  


  • An Accountability Coach who will hold you to your deliverables!
  • A set of four 60-minute work sessions with me via Zoom
  • An agreed Action Plan that is easy to follow
  • Intensive problem solving from a Business Development Mentor
  • Access to me via email for one week following each session to ask any follow up questions that may arise as you begin to put it all into action.

I run a busy Clinical Department in a large London hospital. I have a team of almost 50 people reporting into me and I am responsible for all their work outcomes but no one was keeping tabs on me – until now! I had no idea how much more I could achieve by working with Carol in these Accountibility Sessions. It is a safe space for me to ask questions of myself and put a clear action plan in place that I guarantee to deliver by our next session. The fact that Carol is an external makes a huge difference. She’s like my secret weapon – my team can’t believe that change in my motivation and level of deliverability!

Angela D – Clinical Director

I’ve gone from being a bit of a “Headless Chicken” in my business, always frantically busy but finding it difficult to actually achieve anything concrete to drive my young business forwards. I seemed to be always in the weeds and just couldn’t get on top of things.  I started working with Carol in February doing a set of four sessions but honestly I couldn’t imagine going forward without these sessions every two weeks. Together we look at what is happening in my business, what needs to happen, decisions that need to be made and how I am going to move forward. We design a clear action plan for me to work through.

Susie McA – Entrepreneur