Welcome to the “Do Less Achieve More” sessions!

I’ve put this package together especially for attendees of the “Do Less Achieve More” series of interviews. This is a set of THREE One to One sessions with me, Carol O’Kelly, to work on your Personal Brand.

Sometimes, we all need to work closely with an expert, to have the space to re-think, to ask questions – to be able to say “I don’t know the next step”. It’s much easier to move strategically out of your comfort zone when you have a safe pair of hands to guide you.

Based on my interview with Dervla McKenna during the series, covering the base elements of Personal Branding I have put together a set of three sessions for you. We can spend all the time working on your Personal Brand or in the final session we can include any stumbling blocks that you find yourself facing regularly and get rid of those together.


We will delve into what makes you remarkable, who needs to know this and where these audiences digest their advice and information. We’ll develop your voice, brand eco system, message per audience and your own personal brand story.

In the final session together we can tackle any choke points or stumbling blocks you find yourself facing repeatedly and blast them away. You’ll finish the sessions with a strong, valuable and relevant Personal Brand, an Action Plan of how to get this brand successfully in front of your key audiences and you’ll clearly know your Next Step in the development of either your self, or your business.

You will also have full email support, with me personally, between the sessions.

I have just completed my Personal Branding Journey with Carol and wow did she make me think! I’ve been in the FinTech space for 20yrs and fell into the first trap Carol explains – Assuming I knew my Personal Brand. I feel so much more myself now that I clearly understand the value I bring to the room. I find it easier to show that value to others too. It’s a bit like having a new-found pride in my own voice and it’s given me massive confidence to really stretch myself in a highly competitive space.

Julie P – US based FinTech President

I set up my business less than two years ago coming from a blue chip background and found I had difficulty during that transition knowing how just to be myself without the big corporate brand behind me. I worked with Carol on my whole internal “identity” but she went so much further. We looked at the whole strategic side too, audience, markets, offers, packages and how I could be relaxed about my self in selling, communicating and writing – all in my own personal voice. I use my “Descriptor Words” every day!

Fiona McK – Management Advisory Entrepreneur


  • THREE 60-minute zoom sessions
  • Fully confidential – NDA sent at time of booking
  • Full email access between sessions to ask any follow up questions that may arise as you begin to put it all into action
  • A safe pair of experienced hands to guide and act as a sounding board.

You will be amazed at how much we can get done! Book now and let’s get to work on your success!

Creating Impact, Value and Relevance.

Define who you really are and communicate your message with confidence.

The future of business is personal.

Hi, I’m Carol

I help business people just like you, to build Relevant, Valuable and Impactful Personal Brands…

As a Personal Branding Strategist, I work mainly with Entrepreneurs, Executives and Thought Leaders.

You’ll see me on many international keynote stages and I regularly run interactive sessions on Personal Branding and Business Development online. 

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