He Has Believe Issues. Could That be a Red Flag?

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Reader Question:

The man I’m presently matchmaking is actually somebody I found from the platonic part on Craigslist five several months in the past. We sooner or later talked every day through email and texting. I experienced crush on him, in which he stated he was thinking about going out. But he never ever questioned me out.
Eventually I confessed I got a crush on him and then he mentioned he’d one, too. He stated the reason why he didn’t wanna spend time is basically because he has got count on problems. Over a month later on, he eventually consented to go out, and we go out about once weekly. But the guy wont tell me his finally title, get older or birthday.
What perform these concerns relate to count on? Could that end up being a red flag?
-Cheryl (Pennsylvania)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s response:

Dear Cheryl,
this is not a red banner scenario. This person is getting under a tarp of reddish parachutes. He’s so secretive that I also worry about the protection!
i would ike to fully grasp this straight. You met a stranger online, you decrease into an email/text crush primarily based independently imaginations concerning this man, you hounded him to visit down with you, the guy offered you a warning about their mental wellness, nowadays the guy won’t actually tell you their title!!!
Cheryl, I’m sure just what it’s always wish feel liked. I know just what it’s always think about a guy is actually fantastic once you haven’t got a lot info to take. And that means you are totally forgiven for this lady crush conduct, but, honey, this might be downright creepy.
The mommy in myself actually believes he will not provide his finally title considering exactly what an on-line look will reveal – therefore might even include criminal conduct. Hint: those who cannot trust other people frequently don’t trust themselves either.
Please don’t see this man once more unless you’ve received his name, get older, get in touch with info and also have done a criminal history check. Really don’t want to see your picture from the Nancy Grace program with me.

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

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