For all those wonderful women building businesses who want the confidence of an engaging, value filled Personal Brand that will open opportunities and position you with style and ease as the authority in your space… The future of business is Personal!


I am so proud of this transformational Mastery Program. It has come from years of working with women just like YOU. Building the Personal Brands of women who pursue big goals for their businesses. Ambitious women who feel there is so much more to them than the world sees.  Women who want to rise up and achieve more; more for their business, more for themselves and more for the world they live in.

Building the “Brand of You” can be challenging. Do you second-guess yourself? Are you involved in so many different areas it’s hard to live one cohesive brand? Do you struggle to explain what you do? Is it immediately clear the value you bring? The impact you make? Together, we will fix that.


    • You had real clarity about your Personal Brand
    • You had confidence to rise up and be seen for your brilliance
    • When you walk into a room, people understand the value you bring
    • You communicate 100% authentically without second-guessing yourself
    • Your key audiences have you Top of Mind
    • You are clearly positioned as a Thought Leader in your niche
    • You know your values, your relevance and the impact you make
    • You are in control of Your Story…


    You Change How The World Sees You

    Imagine if you had real clarity about your Personal Brand. When you walk into a room people understand the value you bring. You are 100% authentically you, without second-guessing yourself.

    You Are in Control of Your Story…

    This Personal Branding program teaches you how to build your personal brand effectively and find clarity; To craft your influence, credibility and reputation.  Together, we will work on designing and sharing the message that accurately represents your purpose and authenticity. Your Personal Brand will be in complete alignment with the value you want to bring and the impact you wish to make.

    I created this program to help ambitious women to create valuable, relatable and sustainable Personal Brands. To take control of their personal power and brilliance, to be proud and confident of who they are and what they offer. My programme is inspired and created by real women who have come to me with a desire to make an impact and influence the world through their stories.


    This programme will change the way you see yourself, it will change the way you are seen and valued by others. Let your Brilliance shine.

     It will lead you to discover your true brand purpose, clarify your message and captivate your audience’s attention. Let’s grab the spotlight!

    This is the framework you need to build an extraordinary Personal Brand and get recognised for who you are, instead of just what you do.



    Starting November 16th 2021


    This is Personal Branding from a Strategic viewpoint, the approach is completely different from anything you’ll have experienced before. You’ll work through my comprehensive framework using the key pillars of Personal Brand Creation. I’ll be by your side every step of the way.

    This course is based on my proven path to success that I have used to see massive results, working for over 20 years with many, many women just like you. It’s transformational for those who have ambitious targets they know they can achieve with the right support system. 

    This is a no fuss, no fluff, clear step by step programme. It is simple but it’s not easy. Together, we dig deep to pull all that brilliance out to the fore and package it for you, so that it’s easy to use and monetize. And believe me…the results for your business are INCREDIBLE.

    Hi, I’m Carol

    I help women like YOU, to step into their brilliance and take ownership of an Impactful Personal Brand…

    As a Personal Branding Strategist, I work with incredible women who pursue big business goals and who want to achieve still more. I use my 20+ years of experience to look at Personal Branding in a very different way. I have developed a clear framework to cover the four key pillars I use to craft a Personal Brand. It looks at the person as a whole including their voice, message, values, business goals and strategic ecosystem. I guarantee “Headshots” won’t even be mentioned!

    You’ll see me on many international keynote stages, in the media and I regularly run interactive sessions on Personal Branding and Business Development online for international summits.

    Who Is This For?

    Women just like YOU! Women who own and run their own businesses, who know they are worth the effort it takes to be the best they can be. Those who feel they have so much more potential inside that the world hasn’t yet seen.

    It’s for ambitious women who persue big business goals and who want remarkable success. For women who want to step up out of the weeds of their business to let their brilliance be seen. Those who want to rise up and achieve greatness.

    Would you like your impact to be clearer? The value you bring to your business or team to be immediately seen, understood and appreciated?

    You believe in yourself and your own value but need some clarity and a game plan to build your Personal Brand.


    MODULE ONE - All about YOU:

    As in, you getting to know YOU. In all your vulnerable beauty. Let’s see what elements we have to work with in order to build this beautiful Brand of You! We’ll look at your favourite elements and those you’re not as keen on. I’ll teach you the key frameworks to build your brand on and that covers Communications, Voice, Positioning, Message, Audience, Eco System and so, so much more.

    MODULE TWO - Your Audience:

    Often people build a Personal Brand in a vacuum. It’s all about YOU and what you bring, right? Hmmm… Are you sure? Let’s look at WHO you are aiming at attracting. Who are they, what do they value, what makes them tick? Where do they hang out and digest their information, who do they need to look good in front of? What are their worries and what are the key elements they need to make a “Yes” decision to work with you? Let’s really get to know them well so that you can target your message carefully and concisely to make them want you, trust you and buy into the value that you bring. The deeper you understand your Audience, the easier it is for you to get your positioning right.

    MODULE THREE - your brand voice:

    This is not simply the way you speak! In fact it has nothing to do with your accent, grammar or speed of chat. This is so much more important than that. It is what you say and the way you say it across all media; it’s the nitty gritty of how you “communicate” – on the phone, by email, letter, blog post, newspaper article, social post, at a networking event, on client calls, when you’re tired… Let’s target your Voice as a key component of your Personal Brand and design a voice for you that is consistent, valuable and authentically YOU so it is easier for you to deliver your message in the same style every time!

    MODULE FOUR - Your Message:

    If you told someone what you do and described your offers, how certain would you be that they would be able to repeat that to someone else? How clear are you? How Simple are your products/services/packages? Are you clear on the value you bring, do you have a value filled message for each audience segment? What is your Personal Brand Message? I’ll show you my top tips and teach an easy framework to design highly relevant messaging both for your offerings and for you.   

    MODULE FIVE - Your EcoSystem:

    Where does your Personal Brand appear, how do you get it out into the market, where do your audiences engage with it? This is your EcoSystem. The environment in which your Personal Brand is seen, touched and found. I’ll teach you clever ways to monitor, manage and expand this EcoSystem. We’ll use tools to develop and craft a highly valuable EcoSystem for your Personal Brand that positions to in the best possible way in the radar of your key audience segments.

    MODULE SIX - Mindset Design:

    When you develop or refresh your Personal Brand you always need a bit of a mindset rework too. Often those pesky Limiting Beliefs start to show up! Everyone suffers from old outdated beliefs rearing up from time to time, with feelings of fear, inadequacy or doubts about whether any of this is possible. They show up as mini wobbles that you can brush to the side, or as major barriers that keep us standing still, or worse still send us backwards. This is the reason why a reworked Personal Brand must be combined with the belief and conviction to make it happen.

    You’ll be starting to move in bigger, more valuable circles for you and your business. Thanks to your newly expanded EcoSystem you’ll have lots more visibility on your brand too! So you’ll need to work through anything that may hold you back now.

    We’ll also look at your Habits and the impact they’ll have on your Personal Brand positioning as you move forwards.

    At the end of this session we’ll do a piece of work on discovering the One Thing to bring your personal brand to life…


    Everyone will deserve a Bonus Session! And here it is…

    A 2 hour CEO Session with me. A CEO session is a critical time set aside to experience your business as a CEO. Not as someone actively working in the busy-ness of your business. It’s a safe space to “Dare to Dream” strategically for your business.

    I’ll work through some of the key strategy steps needed to develop your business. You’ll have an opportunity to work on your own business, looking at what needs to be upgraded based on your new Personal Brand and your new positioning.

    You need a great strategy that shows you the clearest ways to grow or scale your business. But none of this is any good unless you can deliver on the plans without procrastination, overthinking, overwhelm or self doubt. This session will cut through all this and get you directly on the right path for you!

    VIP OPTION ***

    If you choose to sign up to the VIP option for this course you get a full hour One:One with me via zoom. We’ll go through all your Personal Brand work and talk strategy on exactly how and where you’ll take your new brand to market. I’ll also do a deep dive into any big stumbling block you find yourself continually coming up against in business. Everyone has something that stops them moving forward again and again. We’ll blast that out of the water together! It’s a Power Hour with a twist.

    What Do You Get?

    –  Six modules of 60 minutes. One each week via zoom

    –  Full email support from me for the six weeks

    –  Workbooks, manuals and tips sheets throughout the course

    –  A safe environment to engage and explore yourself and your future

    –  A signed NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) from me when you sign up as confidentiality and trust are paramount in my own Personal Brand.

    *** VIP CIRCLE – You get a One:One 60 minute session with me to go through your Personal Brand, Marketing Strategy, Habits, Leadership tips and a deep dive into your business to pinpoint exactly how we will bring your new brand to life.



    A compelling Story creates personal impact. I will help you uncover your Personal Brand Story and position this as the anchor for your brand and business activities.


    A strong personal brand is made of four critical pillars that make you relevant and valuable to your audiences. I will help you discover your voice, personality and skills which are all bound together by one thing – purpose.


    A personal brand statement is a clear declaration of who you are, what you do and what you bring to the table. I will teach you how to craft this statement so you’ll never have to second guess yourself again.


    There’s little point sitting in a dark room creating a Personal Brand without taking into consideration the people this brand is aimed at. Yes, it’s authentically YOU but your audience is pivotal.


    You will develop clear and concise messaging to use across your entire EcoSystem, describing you, your products/services and packages. This makes the information and value uptake so fast and easy to share with your networks.


    At the end of this course you’ll have a clear understanding of what makes up a Leadership Mindset, I’ll teach you a framework that is easy to replicate for your new habit stacking. You’ll also have a very clearly defined “One Thing”.

    You’re Also Going to Get

    Over $1,000 in value!

    Bonus #1: CEO Session

    A 2 hour CEO Session with me. Always a sellout session! Let’s take this critical time really plan out your coming year. It’s a safe space to “Dare to Dream” strategically for your business.

    Bonus #2: Success RoadMap

    How about having your entire business mapped out and ready for an extraordinary 2022? Sounds too good to be true? Well, I’m giving you my hugely in-demand workbook and guide to ensure you have just that!

    Bonus #3: My Little Black Book

    I’ve put together all the tech stacks I use to drive my business forward. The apps, programmes, systems and resources needed to hit your targets with ease, so you never have to feel you’re reinventing the wheel!

    ($575 Value if bought alone)

    ($325 Value)

    ($197 Value)

    What People are Saying

    I got so much confidence from working with Carol. She opened my eyes to the effect a strong Personal Brand can have on your readers. I feel strong and protected by my brand instead of always feeling like I’m selling my ideas.

    Fiona M – Entrepreneur

    The value of my LinkedIn Network has increased so much since working on my Personal Brand with Carol. It is now very clear what I bring to the table and my audience clearly understands what I offer.

    MaryAnn P – Virtual Assistant

    It was incredibly helpful working on developing my Personal Brand. Even though I’ve been in my position for almost 12 years and believed I knew myself and what value I was bringing to my role. Carol opened my eyes to the different audiences I was interacting with and the importance of having clear messages for each.

    Catherine M – Clinical Director

    I’ve held a senior advisory role in an international professional services firm in London for 10 years but have never seen the need to look at my own Personal Brand until I heard Carol speak at a conference. Now I feel I have a real armour around me going into briefings, media interviews and dealing with colleagues on a daily basis.

    Lisa McA – Director Financial Services

    Do you feel you have more inside than people understand or see? Would you like your impact to be clearer? The value you bring to your business and clients to be immediately seen, understood and appreciated? To make those “Yes” decisions faster and fill your sales pipeline with ease?

    Let me help you to get real clarity and craft a game plan to build and monetise your Personal Brand. Just wait and see the immediate changes it makes for you and your business!

    But this was only open to my one-on-one coaching clients.

    Until now.

    Join us on the 16th of November to create an amazing Personal Brand over 6 clear modules with a bonus CEO Session. Choose the VIP option if you want One:One time with my eyes on both your new brand and your business! There are only 10 places open for this course so don’t delay…



    One Payment



    One Payment