what’s Biggest piece of work you can do as a leader?

what’s Biggest piece of work you can do as a leader?

It’s uncomfortable, it’s difficult but you have to do it! Identifying and knowing ourselves is the biggest piece of work we can do as entrepreneurs and leaders. Everything stems from this, your strategies, stories, engagement style and Personal Brand.

Never assume that you truly know yourself. Your brand relies on a consistent message every time you show up. But if you don’t identify truly who you are and the value that you bring – the “Package” that is YOU – how can anyone one else understand or value it?

If we are not authentically ourselves how can we survive in positions of Leadership. Even if you are a soloprenuer and don’t lead a team you must deeply understand who you are and what you bring to the table.

So, it’s worthwhile putting in the time and effort on this because you’re going to consistently use this as your launch pad as you move through your career, or through periods of pivot.

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