As most of you know, I’m always talking about, and chasing you, on your “Descriptor Words” – words that you personally use to make you simply a slightly better, stronger, braver version of yourself. Have you thought about those words yet this year? I know a lot of people choose a “Word of the Year” that acts as their overall driver. So, let’s start with that! We’ll move onto your Descriptor Words next week… Have you chosen your word of the year yet? Will you share it with us in the comments below?

I’m also a huge fan of “Discomfort”, “Becoming Uncomfortable”, or as the US Navy Seals say getting “Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable” get used to it! You’ll always achieve SO much more in every aspect of your life when you move out of your comfort zone. Most people choose a positive word for their year, understandably. Words like Flow, Synergy, Ease, Collaboration (taken from a client training I delivered last week)

BUT what happens if you choose a different slant in 2022? The world is already on its ear and has been for a while so maybe if we look at everything a bit differently, we’ll get different results? How about choosing a word that challenges us? A word that forces us out of that warm comfy space we spend so much of our lives in? A word that stretches us…

As James Clear author of Atomic Habits asks…

“Are you willing to be uncomfortable for 5 minutes?
Exercising is easier once you’ve started the workout.
Conversation is easier once you’re already talking.
Writing is easier once you’re in the middle of it.
But many rewards in life will elude you if you’re
not willing to be a little uncomfortable at first.”

So, I challenge you to pick a word for 2022 that makes you uncomfortable!!


Carol is a very hugely respected, award winning, keynote speaker in the areas of Personal Branding, Strategy, Communications, Executive Presence and LinkedIn. She has a huge passion for what she does and for the clients she works with. From C-Suite Personal Branding work to Communications Strategy projects and her Advisory roles, she brings all her energy, enthusiasm and focus to her work.


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